Enki Project

Powered by its secure and uninterrupted smart contract, aims to offer you organic lives and provide financial benefits while supporting organic life, thanks to its nature of existence and future structural architecture.




While designing this project, by thinking deeply, we tried hard to find solutions to the problems below;


  • The future of finance,
  • The future of food,
  • The future of the climate,
  • The future of tourism,
  • The future of health,

Enki token limited, transparent and reliable

During the ENKI token creation,

a one-time, total of 3 billion ENKI tokens will be produced. In accordance with our transparency, openness and secure management policy, the smart contract will be visible in the chain controls from the codes in the smart contract so that no additional tokens can be generated again.

In addition, for each transaction,
1% tax withholding,
2% distribution to ENKI holders,
distribution with 1% ENKI burning will take place.


    You can buy ENKI with any wallet that is accepted and agreed upon by the world in terms of security and functionality.
    Chief among these are Trust Wallet and Metamask. During the transition to ENKI blockchain network, compatible R&D activities will be carried out on IOS and Android devices.

    ENKI is a token that complies with the BEP-20 protocol due to its output structure.
    For this reason, it is not technically possible to buy with BNB, except for the PRE-SALE PAGE and OPEN SENDING TO WALLET, which is the most suitable in terms of price.Swap sites are preferred because they provide automatic conversion of BEP-2 to BEP-20 in their technological background.If you enter the swap market, especially PancakeSwap, you can make this conversion process automatically through the sites and use BNB (BEP-2) when purchasing ENKI. Below are the 3 simple steps you need to follow to purchase ENKI via wallet.

        • Convert BNB (BEP-2) in your wallet to WBNB(BEP-20) from swap or dex tab
        • Add ENKI’s smart contract from the Add token section
        • And buy ENKI (BEP-20) with converted WBNB(BEP-20)


    Distribution of tokens

    Use of proceeds




    How to add ENKI Token to Trust Wallet

    How to add ENKI Token to Metamask


    In ENKI We Trust


    GK Sajber Bezbednosti D.O.O



    How can we get detailed information about the ENKI project?

    You can find answers to all your questions in our whitepaper on our website.

    How can we buy ENKI?

    In our 3-stage pre-sale, you can become an ENKI owner by paying BNB at the address that we will specify on our website. When the pre-sales are over, you will be able to purchase ENKI from our solution partners Pancake swap and other solution partner exchanges which we will give further information later.

    When you purchase ENKI, the amount of earnings from smart living spaces specified in the Roadmap and whitepaper, will be examined by an independent auditor during the final trial balance period, and ENKI will burn this amount in return for the earnings rate. As this burn will reduce the amount of ENKI in the market, your ENKI will gain value for its current equivalent BNB. Also, for those who want to hold ENKI tokens for a long time, swapping with coins on ENKI’s own blockchain is a very advantageous way for long-term earnings.

    Does ENKI have its own blockchain activities?

    Considering the current conditions, it is expected to start R&D activities as of JANUARY 2022.

    When will the pre-sale start?

    Taking into account the current conditions, it will start on November 10, 2021 (Round 1-2-3). It is possible to get precise information at every stage from our website.


    In how many stages will the pre-sale be made?

    Our ENKI pre-sale is designed in 3 stages.


    What is the payment method that can be used in the pre-sale process?

    It is possible to buy it with BNB (bep2) from the page specified during the pre-sale stage. Since it requires technical processing with wrapped conversion in subsequent sales, you can automatically convert your BNB(bep2) to WBNB(bep20) from the swap type exchanges (exchanges perform the automatic conversion process in the background) or by selecting the Binance Smart Chain network over Trustwallet and Metamask, from the Add token section. You will be able to purchase by entering our smart contract. A step-by-step pdf document is available on our site to facilitate your purchase.


    Is it possible to receive ENKI by wire transfer/eft, debit card or credit card methods?

    It is not possible at the moment, but it has been included in our R&D activities in the future. Appropriate conditions and legal grounds are awaited for integration.

    What is ENKI’s standard?

    ENKI is the bep20 token standard.


    Which network does ENKI use?

    ENKI uses the Binance Smart Chain network, an initiative of the world-famous crypto exchange BINANCE. Since it is the bep20 standard, wbnb, trc20, erc20 etc., it is also compatible with all tokenized assets.


    Are there any ENKI blockchain studies?

    Yes, our ENKI blockchain work will start as of JANUARY 2022, you can review the beginning and progress stages of our blockchain-based rental portal on ROADMAP.

    Will it be possible to swap ENKI token with the coin created on ENKI’s own blockchain in the future?

    Yes, ENKI’s own blockchain-based coin swap is being considered with the ENKI tokens you have in the future. The prospective date is available in our ROADMAP

    Who can buy ENKI?

    If you are a citizen or resident (due to tax or other law or any regulation) of any country or state where the purchase of ENKI or a similar crypto token may be prohibited or where the sale of the token is deemed to be inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations, you may not be able to purchase ENKI through the token sale. You cannot qualify and will not buy. In particular, if you are a resident of the People’s Republic of China, you cannot purchase ENKI through the token sale.


    Is it possible to stake with ENKI?

    Currently, our staking service with ENKI is not available in our own structure.


    Why isn’t free extra ENKI shipping available?

    Because we base our project on a tangible physical plan that is entirely reality-based. When creating the token, the number of items is fixed as scattered gift distribution and burning will take place to ENKI holders of a LIMITED AND NEVER RE-GENERATE smart contract. And in order for ENKI to be strong in market conditions, keeping the decimal low is essential for the benefit of our users. Instead of promising digital numbers with lots of zeros, we do not provide extra ENKI shipments because we believe in the reality of clear, transparent and touchable physical structures.

    How can we turn ENKI into long-term profit?

    By waiting for ENKI to complete its roadmap, you can have a permanent and long-term income opportunity.

    What is an ENKI representation statement?

    It is stated in clause d) in the 5) Legal Responsibilities section of our ENKI whitepaper.


    What is ENKI disclaimer?

    It is stated in clause c) in the 5) Legal Responsibilities section of our ENKI whitepaper.


    Do I have an obligation to hold my ENKI tokens for a certain day, as in the services of other token venture companies?

    No, none of our users have such an obligation. You can buy and sell ENKI in your hand in exchange for BNB in the working order of exchanges by swap sales. It is important and recommended for you to have long-term ENKI on hand. Because in the progress of Roadmap, when ENKIs are burned and decreased with each transaction, the amount of ENKI in your hand will become very important. The more ENKI you have, the more profit you will make. And the coin swap process with ENKI’ tokens on the ENKI blockchain is also very important for our users. Keeping the long-term token will be to your advantage at this stage as well.

    Will I have a regular income when the ENKI roadmap is completed?

    Our aim is to look after the benefit of every ENKI user, to ensure that they have the best income opportunity from the venture to be made under the current conditions.


    Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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